Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paint Schemes

Just a quick update here from Brother C...

was checking out some of the other 40k blogs and stumbled across GGM studios. I guess they are a pretty well known entity for modeling/painting. Just wanted to drop you all a line to check out some of their work. I'm not convinced on their color schemes necessarily, but it is very inspirational stuff.

check it out here.


  1. WOW I hope I can get to that quality at some point! Those are some amazing models!

    I really like their deathwing colors and their daemons are making me jealous!

  2. Agni -

    that was just their alpha page.
    here is a link to their beta page...

    not alot of nids, but a few. and some orks. you don't necessarily need to just find a paint scheme for nids, but color combinations that you think may look sweet together. It was posted only for inspirational purposes, since I know a bunch of our members are struggling with getting started with the painting part of their army. myself included.