Sunday, April 4, 2010

40k Day - April 3rd, 2010

Another great 40k day at Lancashire Wargaming wrapped up today!

As usual, I am posting my feedback and commentary of the day! Perhaps there will even be some battle reports!

This was the meeting at the new location for the club, out of my basement and into a larger room! It worked out really well; we had tons of space and easy access to snacks.

I got to play against our newest visitor to the club. It was his first game and he was playing necrons. It was a good solid match, and as usual against the crons I found out how dangerous heavy destroyers are. They knocked out my landraider carrying my command squad on the first turn of shooting! I was lucky that Ahriman and his body guards lead by Lord Moros were able to really shine. And shine brightly they did, they single handedly knocked out the entire necron left flank. Killing a whopping 5 units without losing a single wound. They downed the Necron destroyer lord and 3 scarabs, 2 10 man warrior squads, 3 heavy destroyers, and 3 destoyers and proceeded to move in and take the necron base. They absorbed a huge amount of damage and were easily my MVP of the match.

I was finally able to use them to their full potential by deploying them as close to the enemy as I could and caught them off guard as they were moving into firing positions on my right flank. This match really taught me how effective an aggressive anvil unit like my command squad can be. Even with the land raider they more than made up for their hefty cost.

The rest of the match was trying to kill the second destroyer lord on my left flank with my thousand sons and defiler. He took out my predator but we were eventually able to take them out and whittle down the warrior and destroyer squads backing him up.

All in all, I was really impressed with my opponent. His first game out and he had a pretty good list made up and used them pretty well. I think I got lucky catching him off guard so fast on the right flank.

Hope to hear from you other guys! POST your battle reports from your point of view! POST your questions about how you got rocked, what you might be able to do better! The more we talk the better we can all become!

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  1. This match was very interesting to watch. losing the land raider and putting Moros' anvil squad on foot on turn one is a huge surprise. He relies heavily on that raider for delivering the assault; also allowing for the crons to pump the squad as it makes its way across the field.

    I think the defiler proved to be the ace in the hole for the match. As Brady is still a new player, he did not fully understand the destruction that battle cannon can reign if not dealt with.

    I really enjoyed the use of 2 necron lords. It made kiting the unit very difficult.

    In the end, I think alot of the match came down to experience. However Brady has shown much potential, able to pick up the game and the Necron army basics very quickly. I hope he comes to future club meetings.