Saturday, April 17, 2010

Necron Illuminated Monolith

Forsaken, I saw this and I KNEW you would want to check it out. You should do this!

Illuminated Monolith

Its so geeky, there is noway you can pass it up


  1. I've seen various things about lighting up your models. If I did ever do it I would use batteries because I don't want a cord laying in the middle of the battlefield. I would also wait until I got a real monolith model, however I'm holding off on buying models right now because of all the talk of a new codex. wouldn't want to buy a lot of models only to find that they aren't as good or worse yet aren't in the new codex at all.

  2. I hear ya, but I still think you could get some models. There are at least 2 other armies coming about before necrons. So you would have some time. Probably a little less than a year. Not to mention that most of the models will probably still work.

    When new models do come out, I know they will be a compliment to your force, not a replacement. Especially the monolith. I doubt they will make a new model for the monolith.