Thursday, April 22, 2010

Necrons VS Tyranids

Would Necrons fight the Tyranids or vice versa? I think that they  would leave each other alone. I am of course assuming that the Tyranids are soulless. Just a few points for my argument.

  • The nids are basically mindless animals without the hive mind therefore I categorize them as having about as much soul as an extremely angry/large dog. The C'tan really only want to devour souls.
  • Hive mind/synapse are psychic abilities, pariahs disrupt any psychic ability
  • Nids attack planets because they are hungry, Necrons live on dead worlds that have no life on them.
  • Even if a Tyranid managed to eat the heap of metal that would be a dead necron, the necron would phase right out of the Tyranid's stomach to be repaired on a tomb world.
  • In the codex it says that the nids intentionally avoid necron worlds.
I think the necrons might even be chummy with the Tyranids. All the nids want to do is devour life and grow. The necrons would very much enjoy the extermination of all life. I think the necrons may very well just let the nids go do there thing. Eventually resources will run out and who will be there to rule forever? NECRONS!!!! Granted the C'tan  are pretty greedy and want to eat everybody's souls, but I don't think that the nids do anything with the souls anyway. I don't see why the nids and necrons can't form the axis of evil here. Tell me what you think in the comments.


  1. This is like Alien vs Predator, but way cooler. Make a movie! DOIT!

  2. An interesting read. I agree that Nids wouldn't seek out Necrons or their worlds since there is no biomass for them to consume. However, It seems to me that the Necrons want to destroy all life and Nids are living, so.

    I do think there is some merit in them allowing the Nids to eliminate all other life in the galaxy and then slowly watching the Nids starve to death. That seems like a very Necron thing to do.

  3. You may be right the necrons do love killing things but, they aren't stupid and if the nids would leave them alone I doubt that they would go out of their way to squash some bugs. That said I think if either race got in each others way there would probably be a throw down.

  4. On the other hand, hidden/inactive Necron tombs can be found on populated worlds (at least according to the fluff) and a Tyranid attack chewing down all the biomass might just unearth the necron tomb - waking up the necrons to defend it. An unpleasant surprise for the hive mind no doubt - they bit into this juicy apple to find a worm... a metal one... that they just bust a tooth on! :oP

  5. The C'tan do NOT eat souls (fluff states demons cluster to consume the wasted souls left-over after they feed). But, the C'tan feed on life force and the energies of living bodies. The tyranids are competitors for that resource. A dead galaxy is of no use to the C'tan and they are really selfish bastards after all so I say they would (even if only to feed on the energies of the Tyranid bodies).