Monday, April 5, 2010

Fex Construction - Army Destruction

I spent most of my day this time assembling my Carnifex. I decided I wanted to have something to show for all of my time spent.

First I had to figure out what the heck the Fex is going to be. As you can see... ALL of the parts that came with the fex practically covered the table. I decided to go with a 100% melee build, as the fex has the worst ballistics and could not hit the broad side of a barn.

As you can see, I tried to get as many spikes as possible! His body easily attached to his legs and tail. Once I had his head on, it really started to take shape.

I wanted to see how he compared to some other large units I've grown used to seeing. Jon's poor units look so TINY!

Set of talons attached.

All arms attached.

and finally... epic showdown.

Fexes in your bases eating your manses!

In the end, I did not have enough time to plan out a good army for our 2k points, and the Necrons disassembled my army like scraps of paper. I never realized how much ranged power they have and I'll work to deal with them in the future. My possible units went from less than 20 to almost 40 with the new codex, and I simply need to read more and learn what every unit can do.


  1. Just found this blog, makes a few good points.

  2. Nice FEX! I love that model, I found myself looking at it all day!

    You will learn the new codex and get vengeance against those stinking tin cans!

  3. yeah, I was just briefly looking through your codex that day. its amazing that every single one of your units have at least one unique ability that none of the other have. it'll definitely take some time to review and develop and army that best suits your play style.

    love the fex model. looks sweet. will you be painting this anytime soon?

  4. i hope to at least get a black base coat soon

  5. w00t sounds great dude. just be sure to document your progress and post it.

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  7. Hey, messed that last one up.

    If you need any help with painting just let me know!

    Also, check out my post on this blog about how I made Lord Moros. It has a bunch of tips for you and the others that are starting painting!